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Vasudev first came to Yoga through his mother, who was trained by her father, a well-known Yogi and Kerala Ayurveda physician in the 1920's. Vasudev studied at the Yoga VedandaForest Academy in Northern India and has continued to develop his practice for more than 20 years by studying with many Yogis around India.

Vasudev teaches classical Hatha Yoga in the style of Sivananda. He has taught in India and in Europe since the 1990s. His Yoga shala in Varkala, Kerala, Southern India, was very well known and visited by many students and teachers from all over the world, for whom it became a regular destination year after year. He has also conducted many workshops and retreats all over Europe and now teaches at Yoga con Gracia, in Barcelona, Spain - http://yogacongracia.com

As well as teaching intermediate and advanced students, Vasudev has developed a beginners course for people who have no experience in Yoga or who have tried some classes but would like to learn the correct way to do Asana and Pranayama. He has been running these courses on a regular basis in his Yoga shala in Varkala since 2010. The manual that he has produced as a syllabus for this course is an excellent resource for the student. As well as detailed photographs and instructions for the correct execution of each Asana and Pranayama exercise, the manual contains a wealth of information on the ancient science of Yoga.

In addition to his regular classes, workshops and retreats, Vasudev has developed and implemented a unique teacher training program that gives the potential teacher the opportunity to learn by working with real students under his close supervision and guidance.  

Vasudev's Yoga offers a quality experience that celebrates the mind, body and spirit.

http://www.yogavarkala.com/ & http://www.shantiniyoga.com/

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