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My mother is a beautiful yogini and taught me the beauty of yoga from a young age, she encouraged me to explore my potential in creative arts, I started my training with kung fu and went on to explore various styles of dance like contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, ballet and capoeira. With a degree in dance, I travelled to India to discover my Indian roots and my spiritual being was discovered. I trained in Indian martial arts, Kalari and traditional Indian dance. I have been a professional dancer for the past 7 years touring internationally to the far east and Europe.
I continued to become a Certified Hatha Yoga and Acroyoga teacher and since then I have toured Internationally sharing Workshops and classes in communities across the world.
I frequently spend time in Goa at Ashiyana retreat centre where I am a part of the Yoga Teacher Training courses, and where I run retreats.
Yoga is my life and it is a true blessing to share its beauty with the world

I grew up with the yoga philosophy, as my mum is a yoga teacher and taught me spiritual wisdom, almost without me being really aware of it. Around the age of 20 I recognized that my way of thinking and living – so to say my consciousness – is spiritually printed. I felt naturally connected to the yogic knowledge.
Before I realized my passion for yoga, a big part of my life was sports and action of all kinds. After school I became a sports and gymnastic teacher by certification. I taught several kinds of aerobic – and health classes for 12 years and as a personal trainer, I collected a lot of experience. It was joyful and provided great experience and exposure, but after 12 years I had no choice but to realize, that my body was overworked and imbalanced. I came to the point where my body and soul could not handle the constant challenge and stress.
In 2008 this lack of awareness for my own limits brought me to “Body balance,” a training program of Les Mills combined with Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi elements. Learning and teaching this program nurtured my body and soul and inspired me to learn more about the yogic way. I had the deep desire to redefine my life and bring serenity, ease, and strength that would balance and nourish my being instead of exhausting it.
I joined several kinds of yoga classes and learned more about the various sources of yoga, which awakened my dream to become a yoga teacher. In March 2011 this dream became a reality: I completed a yoga teacher training in Ashtanga/ Vinyasa style in Goa, India. This education was first of all a journey by myself, through myself, to myself. All of which brought me closer to my purpose in life: teaching yoga, which I’ve done from then on, in Germany, India and Kenya!
As I had the desire to deepen my knowledge of the healing energy of yoga, I decided to do the “Elemental Yoga Therapy,” teacher training in October 2012 in India. There I meet Yamuna Devi and I fell in love with Acro Yoga...the year after I decided to do my first Acro Yoga Immersion and I coulntd stop praciticing....I went to a lot of Workshops, Classes and more immerisons till I finally decided to do my cro Yoga Teacher Training in January 2016 in Goa.
Yoga brings the restless mind to the present moment. Here and now. I love the yoga tune: it equalizes body, mind, and soul....Acro Yoga brings the playfullness and connection in its game, it´s such a great gift to pass it on to the world.

My Presenters Sessions

Sunday, July 23

10:15am CEST