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Valentina, Geraldine & Cecile

Valentina was initiated in Yoga by one of the French disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother 20 years ago in India. Since then, Yoga became a central part in her life. She was trained in Mexico by the renowned Ashtanga yoga teacher Baptiste Marceau and also by Noemi Ramirez in Vijñana Yoga. From her two main teachers Valentina created her own style of Vinyasa Yoga, mixing fluidity and strength in the journey to discover the Self. Nowadays she also integrated Chi Qong and Yin Yoga. She has a strong connection to sacred sound, she received the bliss of Patrick Torre who trained her in the art of Yoga Sonik. In her classes Valentina brings students to the path of bliss with her unique voice.

Cécile Roubaud- 
After many years studying the body through dancing, Cécile started her Yoga journey with Hatha Yoga in 2002 in Paris. As she discovered Ashtanga Yoga, a few years later in Mexico, she got passionate about it, which led her to cross the world to learn more about it. Since 2009 she is as well exploring the benefits of Yin Yoga that she
discovered in Canada with Bernie Clark. Cécile is 500 -RYT certified and offers
continuing education and teacher trainings of Yin Yoga around the world. Her sources of inspiration are mainly: Biff Mithoefer, Bernie Clark, Paul and Suzee Grilley, Shiva Rea, and Geshe Michael Roach. Cécile is passionate about passing on her knowledge gained from studying with wordly renowned yoga masters. She is dedicated to her students, helping them
discover their own great potential and power.

Géraldine Lethenet starts dancing at the age of 4. She has danced andperformed for years, that was her main job. An injury in circus school madeher met the yoga, and so a new art of living.Certified by EFY (Ecole Francaise de Yoga), Yoga Ayurvedic Studies inJamnagar, India, certified by Dominique Lussan in Adi Vajra Shakti Yoga after7 years of studies, Yin Yoga with Biff Mitthoffer, and Yoga Nidra, she exploredmore than 40 teachers, practices and pedagogy.She did write several booksand articles about yoga, move, energy and ayurveda. Nowadays, she is dancing regularly 5 Rhythms, participating to womencircles, she also integrated Free Dance, Symbolic Art, Land art, and ContactImpro. She shares now her own style of yoga: a deep self connectionexperience, in a poetic way, deeply connected with self-development, fun andjoyful, not only with the asanas practice but using different tools to expand theinner journey.