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Till Heeg was born in Southern Germany and since a very young age he was
fascinated with the world of sports and movement, which became his biggest source
of inspiration. His journey on the path of healing arts and holistic bodywork began
with his degree as a physical therapist in 2002 and took a new turn shortly after,
when he discovered his deep love for Thai Yoga Massage in Lahu Village/ Thailand.
From that point on, his inner dharma light was irrevocably inflamed.
Today, he humbly follows this call, sharing his passion and passing the gifts he
received to as many like-minded souls as possible. Being certified by the Sunshine
Network, he teaches Basic and Advanced Thai Yoga Massage courses, respecting
the ancient roots of this very special healing art, while being open-minded about the
influence and inspiration that enriches his practice – whether it comes from clients,
students, friends, family or other teachers.  

On his path of healing within, he continuously explores related methods, such as
osteopathy (especially osteothai), athletic training (EXOS), sports physiotherapy,
biodynamic craniosacral therapy and the holistic approach of nutrition.
Above all hovers the constant search for his inner truth studying Advaita Vedanta,
practicing Vipassana meditation, using medicinal herbs and practicing yoga.
Till is renowned for his deep, precise and warm touch, which transfers love and
energy – the only true door openers concerning blockages in body and
mind. Intuition, awareness and compassion are his most important guides, both in
giving treatments and in daily life. He is deeply convinced: true love is the answer for
the most urgent questions of our time.

My Presenters Sessions

Saturday, July 22

8:00am CEST