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Pedro Collares:Sound Therapist and Music Producer, Pedro has being studying for about 15 years different ways of using sound and music as a healing tool. The search for a deeper approach on music brought him to specialize in different therapeutic sounds such as: Hang, Didgeridoo, Gong, Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowls, Monochord and Overtone singing. In India studied Hatha Yoga, meditation, Yoga therapy, and the art of Mantra singing.
Pedro has participated as a musician and workshop facilitator in major festivals of new consciousness and Yoga conferences around the globe.www.pedrocollares.com

Maria Terra:Long time ago i decided to dedicate my life to collect & diffuse milenar and ancient knowledge of different cultures and traditions around the world.Believing that we have the power to create our reality and bring our dreams to earth, i started my journey, traveling around the planet, passing trough remote places, exploring sacred locations, studying medicines of nature and tools for self healing and awakening of consciousness. Alchemy of plants, body, mind and spirit.
On the highest mountains of Himalayas and around India, inspired by great teachers, i learned about the Art of Yoga, Meditation, stillness & well being. 
In Amazon forest i learned with indigenous elders about the mysteries of medicinal plants & flowers of the jungle.  
In different parts of Central & South America, Europe & Asia, I studied a lot and now days i facilitate workshops, classes & retreats with: Yoga, meditation, dance, indigenous traditions & native knowledge, Trance Dance Ritual, Women´s circle, therapies, sound healing... www.rootofthebeing.com 

My Presenters Sessions

Saturday, July 22

10:30am CEST

Sunday, July 23

10:15am CEST