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As a passionate and experienced Osteopath & Yoga Teacher, Mirjam Wagner found her true passion in the quiet practice of Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy. In her teachings, Mirjam combines the scientific understanding of the human body with a healing spiritual approach by integrating Chinese Medicine, Meditation and Mindfulness. Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Gil Hedley, Ted Kapchuk and Dr. Daniel Keown are some of her most important influences and inspirations on this path. Mirjam’s profound experience & knowledge of the human body and its close connection to an emotional and mental well-being make her a very caring and inspiring teacher who guides you into a deeper connection to yourself and others.

My Presenters Sessions

Friday, July 21

6:00pm CEST

Saturday, July 22

3:30pm CEST

Sunday, July 23

10:15am CEST